Wednesday, May 2, 2012

A Vow of Awakening

Hey Autumn, behold through the gray sky
These leaves have nowhere to go
And no one could tell you why
Put yourself out of your mind
To know when we can get into

Hey come, let's sit and talk
We're here, dropping our minds to get into
Tell me, Tell me, just tell me
It's not gonna hurt, no no believe me
Like the smoke of cigars
They just flown away,
Like the magic of the night stars

Everything will be allright
Be tranquil, take your peace into
Don't let every nightmare rot your dreams away
Throw away the pains away from your head
Cos, every pain will wipe our memories out
Caught them up, with your lovely smile
Keep the memories, as well as you keep me warm

You know it's not right, but it's real
And someday, when we drink from this well again..
All night long
You will know what it feel,
Together again

Listening to : Paneye - She Swallowed My Days


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